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Search Advertising (PPC)

Attract and convert more leads with highly targeted paid search campaigns

Illustration of pay-per-click advertising with devices showing return on investment.

What is pay-per-click (PPC) advertising?

PPC is a type of online advertising where you pay the host (Google or Amazon, for example) to list your advertisement on their website, often on pages relevant to your ad.

At AM Digital, our PPC campaign management program brings together industry-leading strategies, ongoing optimization, regular testing, and campaign research, all with the express purpose of increasing both the performance and the scale of your campaigns.


We perform continuous, data-driven testing and optimization of campaigns based on image, ad copy, community audience, and device constraints. Success in many channels, especially Facebook, depends heavily on frequent optimization.


We've helped countless multifamily groups get their analytics up and running in order to figure out which channels and platforms will work together to drive conversion. We make sure to structure accounts properly, conduct testing, and move towards consistent performance in the face of real-time competition.

ad creation

We produce creative and engaging messages for our campaigns. From image choice to copywriting, we know how to bring things together in order to form a connection with the viewer.

ad strategy

Running Google Ads and other search advertising campaigns is something few agencies or individuals have managed to master consistently. We've done a lot of this in the past - we can help you get the most out of your budget by bringing deep knowledge of multifamily PPC advertising to help you get the most for your budget.

PPC Capabilities

  • Strategy & Planning
  • Audience Retargeting
  • Bidding & Budget Management
  • Tracking & Pixel Implementation
  • Ad Creation & Copywriting
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Keyword Research
  • A/B Testing

Google Partner

The Google Partner badge is awarded to companies with Google Ads skills and expertise.

AM Digital has demonstrated high performance and knowledge in:

Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Video Advertising, and Shopping Advertising.

PPC Results


increase in website traffic (sessions) in 3 months


decrease in average Cost-Per-Click (CPC)


increase in average website session duration

Frequently Asked Questions

how much should we spend?

While we wish there's a magic number floating around out there, it isn't that simple. Spending too little won't give you enough data to draw meaningful conclusions, and if you spend too much too quickly, you risk draining your entire ad budget. We take a mathematical approach that gives us a good sense of how much you should start spending.

how do you measure success?

Typically, this depends greatly on your industry, the size and age of your company, and about a hundred other factors. We have a solid foundation of experience in identifying the right goals and KPI's for you before launching a single campaign.

should i bid on my own brand name?

In most cases, yes. Companies bid on branded keywords so that their competitors don't show up on their own brand names and have them swoop in on your valuable conversions. If we find that your competitors are bidding on your branded keywords, we can run branded ad campaigns to make sure you win over the customers who are already searching for you specifically.

can you guarantee first page results placement in the search engines?

Just about anyone can get on the first page for a search term in sponsored ads if they are willing to pay for it and have a relevant webpage and ad. Organic search results are a different story - we can't make any guarantees, but we provide an honest assessment of what we believe can be achieved compared to your competition.


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