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Social Media isn’t just for social interactions anymore.

Over the past decade, social media has gone from providing an opportunity for college students to connect online to representing something much larger – a truly social environment that involves P2P, B2C and B2B connections.

As apartment marketers, you need to know that all of the data shared on these networks can be mined in order to create unparalleled targeting opportunities. For example, the Facebook ad platform allows businesses to pull information from the nearly 2 billion posts that are “Liked” each day around the world – not to mention the data shared by each of the network’s 2.2 billion active users.


This is one of the most cost-effective and attractive propositions for many businesses with a digital presence. We find the best ways to convey big messages to a wide audience over time by refining our creative and messaging.


A successful social strategy depends a lot on how well you use the tools available to create authentic interactions, monitor discussions, and engage with others. As soon as people decide to engage with your community on social media, they're putting trust into you to solve their problem.

channel analytics

Measuring the success of your ad campaigns or other social media efforts is a critical component of social media marketing. It's important to check this regularly to spot trends and see what's working.

custom creative

Your ad creative may be the first time someone interacts with your brand. It's important to use these opportunities to make a lasting impression and stand out among the rest.

Social Media Advertising Capabilities

  • Facebook Ads
  • Tracking & Pixel Implementation
  • Split-testing & Optimization
  • Instagram Ads
  • Facebook Audience Retargeting
  • Bidding & Budget Management
  • Strategy & Planning
  • Copywriting & Ad Creation
  • Reporting & Analytics

Social Media Advertising Results


leases in 90 days


average monthly leases signed each month


increase in website conversions in 6 months

Frequently Asked Questions

what is social advertising?

Still a little fuzzy when asked to define social advertising? You're not alone. It's really simple. Social advertising is any advertising in which you're paying the social media company to display your content. It could be a display ad, a promoted tweet or other showcasing of your profile and services. It may be a one-off promotion or it may be a strategic, full-scale campaign. The latter is how our clients see dramatic revenue increases that are worth their investment.

what are the best platforms for my audience?

In terms of ROI, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter typically deliver the greatest return. Your customers may be more receptive on a certain platform. We look closely at the different platforms to make a smart choice on where to spend ad dollars.

how do social ads help increase my brand awareness?

Social advertising increases the number of people who know who you are. They recognize slogans, fonts, colors or images associated with your brand. It creates a distinct perception of your brand, and with these perceptions a person ties an emotion like feelings of happiness, safety or belonging. Tapping into positive sentiments will do wonders for growing and retaining happy communities.

what will we learn about our audience?

You'd be amazed by how much you can learn about your target customers through a social media advertising campaign. You'll learn which ads perform well for increasing followers, increasing shares/comments, driving traffic to your site, and getting more leads. You will find out what messages, topics and content resonate or get ignored by your audience.

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